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Photo of the Week

Winter Wonderland Wedding
February 07, 2011

With most of the country covered in snow, this winter wonderland wedding won our vote for this freezing February wedding photo of the week! With wayyy too many shots to choose from, check out the notes section for more marvelous photos from this snowy scenic shoot.
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Fathers Farewell
February 15, 2011

A beautiful bride grinning out the window of the luxury car taking her to her wedding day ceremony with her fathers farewell captured in the reflection. Such priceless wedding day photo!
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"Cause baby you're a fiiirework!"
March 02, 2011

With St. Louis arches stretching across the sky, the smooching couple is surrounded by celebratory fireworks going off in the background of their big day. Brilliant!
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Beach Bridal Pair
March 16, 2011

Never has there ever been such a beautiful blue beach bridal pair. This brides "something blue" is in the background of each and every photo taken on her wedding day. What's your "something blue"?
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Scenic City Scape
March 31, 2011

Such a scenic city scape wedding shot! The posing pair had their ceremony in Central Park and collected many cute shots while walking with their photographer. They then hosted their party at Amarante's Sea Cliff where many more memorable moments were created and captured.
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