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Photo of the Week

Baby, it's cold outside!
January 04, 2012

What’s a little bit of snow when you have this much love to keep you warm and toasty! This cute couple didn’t let a blast of winter weather keep them from getting some sweet outdoor shots. Sometimes an umbrella, a fun-loving attitude, and your new spouse are all you need to make your own Winter Wonderland!
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Majestic Mountain Engagement Shoot
January 18, 2012

Here's a tip for all of those newly engaged couples out there: when you book your Engagement shoot, look for a location that features gorgeous greenery or some buildings with interest. Or choose a setting that means something to you where there are plenty of places to try out different poses. This couple had the right idea when they chose a spot where the majestic mountain landscape made for an ideal backdrop to their highway smooch. Love it!
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Dramatic Embrace
February 01, 2012

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time! Graceful arches, a lengthy corridor, elegantly modern hanging light fixtures, and impressive columns lend some major drama to this couple's embrace.
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Timeless Elegance
February 15, 2012

We go weak in the knees for fabulous black & white portraits showcasing classic, timeless elegance, and this one took our breath away. Beautiful!
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Extraordinary Engagement Shoot
February 29, 2012

We absolutely fell in love with Sessen & Kevin's extraordinary and elegant engagement shoot- so much so, we couldn't pick just one image! Visit our Notes section on The Pros Facebook page to see more from this fun and fabulous couple's jaunt through Long Beach…
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Farewell, Winter!
March 14, 2012

Spring is officially around the corner- yay! So we thought we would say farewell to Winter with a super sweet and charming snow shot- can you guess which city forms the backdrop for this pretty pose?
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Endless Skies
March 28, 2012

Endless, heavenly skies created an amazing canvas for this couple's big dip atop a lush green hill. Beautiful!!
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