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Staff Reviews

We simply loved the video!
Beth A

Great Job!

This DJ was not good at all. Wedding are very stressful for the families and music was one thing I was not worried about because I had made a playlist and talked with the DJ about what I wanted played. I even sent him a timeline of events so he would be on top of things. The DJ played nothing on the playlist. I even had to go up to him and tell him to cut the music he was playing because it was inappropriate. We had a country wedding on a farm with lots of young people but lots of older adults and grandparents as well. I made him aware that the music needed to be country music and the dance music needed to be appropriate. He proceeded to play a song called "pimping ain't easy" during dinner and I was completely mortified. Like I stated before, I should not have to worry about music on my wedding day especially when over 800 dollars was payed. I literally had to tell him to cut it off. When we were ready to cut the cake or do the bouquet toss, he was no where to be found to announce this to guests. He was out of sight and no where to be found for several minutes. Several older guests mentioned that they wished he would play music they could dance to. Again, I specially made a playlist for a reason and it was ignored. Next issue, he is not truthful. He was supposed to play music at the ceremony as well, we even payed extra money for this and he stated "the coordinator and the owner told me I was not needed." After speaking with both of them, they told me that they never spoke To the DJ about that. It was a huge huge mess and very disappointing. Why would I pay an extra 200 dollars for him to be there if I didn't want him There for he "isn't needed". He clearly had no idea what he was doing. I would like to request my money back, or at least a very good portion because he practically ruined everything and I was so embarrassed. I would not recommend this DJ to anyone out there
Kelsie Nelson

Thank You!
Albert & Fanny

Thank You for everyone you provided. They ALL were amazing.
Beth Anne H.

Loved everything!
Jo & Mark

Thanks for superb pictures!
Fred and Elane

Thanks for a job well done.
Donald & Stephanie

Teriffic job.
Zachary & Beth

Thanks for exceeding our expectations in EVERY way!
Brian & Mimi

Loved the Pictures.
Bruce & Melinda

John H. did an amazing job! He got video of everything I asked for and he was very professional.
Melinda Lynn Snyder

The DJ didn't do his homework and did not provide requested songs for the ceremony and or reception. He was downloading songs during the time of the ceremony/reception with inappropriate language. All songs should have been on a playlist prior to the day of the wedding! He was late for the ceremony which delayed the wedding and mispronounced our last name during the introduction for the reception. He was provided a timeline and decided not to print it. Instead had it loaded on his phone that died because he was too busy surfing social media during the time he should be focused on working. I could go on and on with how disappointed I am with the outcome and lack of professionalism from the DJ. I trusted The Pros to provide quality people for the most special day for me and my husband's day. It's sad when the guests even noticed the lack of professionalism.
Mai Moffett

Throughout the footage, the quality was blurry and we didn't get the whole wedding going down the aisles and there were lip sync battles that wasn't taped entirely and the camera didn't move during some performances. Moments of my son sliding across wasn't videoed, and he slide across the floor, seem like a hundred times. I met with the guy that was originally going to do the video and he didn't show but sent someone else that said he has never video a wedding except for a cousin of his, which showed. He was video taping some guest , but the guest thought he was a photographer, because they were posing, maybe letting the guest know and maybe say a few things the bride and groom. Overall I'm dissatisfied, and unfortunately I can't do it all over.
Sarah Wilkerson

Thank You for being so kind and taking beautiful pictures.
Mark and Amanda

Thank You Very Much!
Amanda G

Our photographer exceeded our expectations. GREAT JOB!
Ellen S

Dajuana was awesome she was amazing and very fun and professional!!
Megan Johnson

We hired the best wedding photographer ever! Antwane's work is absolutely remarkable! We couldn't be happier with the level of innovation, creativity and professionalism displayed through his work. He managed to capture some very amazing moments before and during our wedding event that we will cherish for years to come! We’ve received numerous complements on our wedding photos which we can only attribute to this very skilled photographer. We would highly recommend Antwane for wedding photography, or any photographic need

A special thank you to you Antwane for our wonderful wedding pictures. Its been almost a year and we still get excited while looking through our album! You was extremely professional and fun to have at our event. We had some specific photo requests (of certain people) and you was able to get everyone. We are honored to have your prints hanging in our house!
Ramon & Stacy

My wedding photographer Antwane was amazing. He was on time, personable and professional. He captured some of the most important memories of my life. I received my pictures in a responsible time and they are of great quality. My husband and I are happy that we choose Champ to be a part of our big day!

Thank you so much. I gave your information out to about 5 brides to be already. Everything was great, love the pics!

Thank you for great pictures.
Elizabeth & Joe

Joel was very helpful thoughout the entire evening. His music selection was also very good. We had a tuff crowd to motivate, but to turned out great in the end. Thanks Joel.
Amanda Jerd

Due to some guests arriving late, my husband and I decided to wait another 10 minutes before starting the ceremony. Thus, this made things a little rushed during the reception but the DJ, Michael made things run more smoother. Thanks.
Bernadette Clark

We could not be happier with our decision to work with Minea. She absolutey was professional and results were stunning. From the beginning, Minea was attentive to our vision and expectations. Her experience made the process easy - we never had to worry about videography leading up to and during our wedding. Moments, small and large, were captured beautifully and we're grateful to have had such talent capturing our special day.
Chris C.

Jeff was awesome! We also had RJ for a short while. He is so energetic and creative. We wish we had him for the whole day! Thank you both for your great work. Picking the photos for our album was so hard because we had so much great material to work with.
Alicia & Mark Beachem

Hi Michael: Thank you for doing a great job at our wedding this past Sunday. I know that we were a demanding bunch, and we really appreciate your patience and hard work. With love and thanks, Vanessa and Peter

I love most of my photos. But the key photo that every bride wants, the isle shot, was missed. I now have no pictures of walking down the isle with my father. Also the site itself is full of issues. Someone elses wedding was uploaded to my page, my photos that were supposed to be online for 11 months were removed, i was notified 2 times before my pictures were ready and lastly i cannot view the scrapbook that i paid for because the page simultaneously says view album and pictures not ready. For the amount i paid i expected better post wedding service.
Christina Ditson

The pictures came out beautifully!! We were so so pleased with both Charles and Victoria.

Great vibe and energy!! Loved everything he did, really brought people to the dance floor and kept a positive feel going!
Christel Ripanti

Working with Darnell was great! He did our engagement photos this past summer. He is very professional, has great creative ideas, yet he still listens to his clients. The finished product was exceptional. Loved Darnell's work so much he did my wedding and brought the vision I described to life and saved it for us forever.

Heard DJ Shanny at a club, and she was awesome! Tons of great throwback 90s songs, smooth blending. You definitely need her to bring the party!
Katie S

Shannon delivered far more than I expected! I think the music is second to alcohol for a successful event and thus, I have high standards. She killed it. The attendees varied in age and style and she was able to tailor the music to appeal to the entire crowd. I had people commenting to me all night about how great she was. I cannot wait to use DJ Shanny at my next event!
Sarah D

Very friendly, takes beautiful photos, and gets photos back to you quickly. All around wonderful service!

Mike kept everyone on the dance floor all night, people were ven chearing of r1 more song! Really made a special night that much more entertaining.
Kyle Kenyon

I liked my photographer but I do not like the picture quality at all. She did not have the proper equipment to shoot a night wedding. I'm very upset about it all.
Allison Bell

These guys did such an amazing job and I can thank them enough. You see them running around all day, crouching to the ground and wonder what they are getting but when I saw the finished video... WHEW!!! My wife hates being recorded but she LOVED the way she looked on her wedding day. I have much respect for these guys. They have all the talent in the world!!!

Charles kept our reception running smoothly and on time.
Sarah Ridout

We had a little snag with not being able to access files in Google Docs, and then relying on a Word file we had sent out as a stopgap measure instead of using the Google Doc. But I (Josh) was at fault there because I didn't give him the courtesy of notifying him that the document had changed. Otherwise, he was great! Song selection was especially good, we gave him some general guidelines on eras of music to play, and he did GREAT. The bride's mother loved that she was hearing her music. Thank you guys, we had a great experience! Oh, one more thing, he set up his own up-lights because he had them in the car, and that act of generosity totally smoothed over any rough patches. Thanks again! You were awesome!
Josh Penman

Brandon did photos for my best friend's wedding. Brandon does an excellent job at getting the shots that you want. He is not pushy and doesn't rush you. He really makes you feel comfortable and is able to get perfect shots. You won't be sorry if you use his images.

I have been following, Jennavive's photography for years and I am a huge fan! Her work definitely stands out and she has a way of capturing special moments that others seem to overlook. I was happy that she agreed to be our photographer for our wedding and I couldn't be happier with how amazing the pictures are.

She was amazing and I am soooooo pleased with the quality of the pictures!
Tamara Davis

Jeff was awesome! I knew the minute I talked with him at the Pros Wine & Cheese Bridal Showcase that he was going to be able to get the shots that I wanted. He also considered our time constraints and did his best to work quickly. We appreciate him so much! We also had RJ for a short while. He is so energetic and creative. We wish we had him for the whole day! Thank you both for your great work. Picking the photos for our album was so hard because we had so much great material to work with.
Alicia Maestri

Mr Chuck went above and beyond. He is literally the reason our night went so smoothly and why we had as much fun as we did. If you are looking for a fun, accommodating, awesome dj, then mr chuck is your man!!!! We are so thankful for everything he did for us!
Stefanie Proviano

Photographer did not seem prepared for the venue and missed opportunities for some important photos.
Stefanie Secker

Erin was amazing! She captured everything we wanted plus more. She did an amazing job on our engagement photos and an even better job on our wedding photos. Was too hard to choose a favorite photo from our wedding. They were all amazing!
Amy Capuano

We chose the venue for my daughter's wedding passed soley on the photo ops it provided. I relayed the importance of the photos to our photographer. I asked him if he was familiar with the venue, and he said no. I asked him to please visit there before the wedding. If he had, he would have know a second photographer was probably needed, something I did not know since I have no experience. Alone, it was not possible to take advantage of the photos we requested. Each time there was a change in location, he alone (or with my limited help) had to set up again which took a long time. Very few of the "specialty" or "stylistic" photos we wanted were taken. Overall, I was very disappointed with the service. The photos he did take were fine quality. I was afraid of not being able to contact the photographer until a few days before the wedding, and my fears were right. The 2 most important service providers (and the 2 I hired through The Pros) are the photographer and the DJ. Both were unsatisfactory in my opinion.
Katie Emmons

Josh was an amazing DJ ! He was engaging and picked great music !
Tasha Cosman

Kaula is an amazing photographer, she takes tons of images and has an eye for a great picture. I've used her for my boudoir photos as well as my engagement photos. I'll be using her for my wedding as well and I can't wait to see how those photos turn out! They will be amazing I'm sure!

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