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Preston A. Videographer

Year Started: 2008
Style: Journalistic with an emphasis on capturing emotion


Videographer of the year for 2015 National Winner! Couldn't have done it without the support of everyone on the team here at the American Wedding Group. I am honored and humbled to have been chosen for this award.

I am now moving into my 4th year of filming video for the American Wedding Group and I've already passed the century mark for weddings filmed. Each one of them a unique and heartfelt experience that I treasure. I am constantly amazed at the end of each wedding, the amazing sweep of the day that gets captured on each wedding video that I shoot - literally from the start of the ceremony all the way through the tears of joy at the couple's last dance. Just knowing that in years to come, when the couple and their children and dare I think, their children's children watch this wedding video they will recapture the true love and emotion that unfolded on that blessed day. That is what I sense each and every time I turn on my camera; I'm not just filming a moment, I am creating a family legacy.

What I enjoy most about...

filming weddings is being a part of the extended family at these joyous events and having the privilege to capture these special moments for my clients.

By the end of the evening, after the vows have been spoken, the cake cut, the speeches given and the dances danced, it is an emotional high just to know that I was able to capture all of these glorious events for the bride and groom to cherish with family and friends for years to come.

Additional Info

In addition to choosing the videographer that you feel most comfortable with, there's another element that is equally important and that is building a "team" that will pull together to ensure that your wedding is perfectly captured. To ensure teamwork I always contact the DJ and photographer with whom I will be working on the day of your wedding. Additionally, I always make a courtesy call to the manager of the reception venue to introduce myself ahead of time again, to make a good impression prior to arriving. Lastly, if the wedding ceremony will be taking place in a house of worship I always call beforehand and show the utmost respect to the Father or Priest, inquiring about any filming restrictions. This goes a long way to making the day happy and successful for everyone.

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