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4 Hour Assistant Disc Jockey

Your guests will double their dance floor time with an...
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Your guests will double their dance floor time with an additional DJ to free your first from his equipment. Now able to entertain, your DJ will be able to maximize your guests' involvement and add to the excitement of the night. For weddings over 185 guests, an Assistant Disc Jockey is a must!


Uplighting, 15 Lights

Transform your reception into the ultimate dance party with...
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Transform your reception into the ultimate dance party with Premium Uplighting! Using the beauty and elegance of ambient light, our packages are a perfect fit for the couple looking for the absolute best in event entertainment.

A sophisticated enhancement at an amazing price- less than $30 per light- what a steal!


Mini Setup-Cocktail

Similar to your ceremony, you want to make sure your music...
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Similar to your ceremony, you want to make sure your music is heard. An additional speaker will ensure the ambiance of your cocktail hour is outstanding.


Event Theater

Bring your wedding day to a new heart-touching level with...
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Bring your wedding day to a new heart-touching level with The Pros unparalleled multi-media production!

  • High-Definition rear-screen projection presented on a 4 1/2 foot by 8 foot widescreen.
  • A dedicated multi-media Production Technician will create real time editing, special effects and transitions
  • Relive a lifetime with our 50 image photo memory montage.
  • Wedding Day photo montage*
  • Live video feed of the dance floor
  • We only have a only a limited number of set ups available, so you advisor will confirm availability.

* Available only when purchased in conjunction with a Pros Photography package.


Mini Setup-Ceremony

Whether your reception is outside or in, your carefully...
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Whether your reception is outside or in, your carefully selected music and oh so important vows will be better heard with the large speaker that is the Mini Setup therefore enhancing your guests ceremony experience.


Extended Sound System

Having a huge wedding reception? Don’t sell your guests...
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Having a huge wedding reception? Don’t sell your guests short. For receptions over 185 guests, The Extended Sound System is highly recommended. Stronger amplification and speakers producing higher quality sound will help fill your full reception room with sound and surely enhance your soiree.


Wedding Party Pack

Boas, shades and more, these playful party props will make...
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Boas, shades and more, these playful party props will make your reception dance floor festive during popular songs and dances. With the assistance of your Pros DJ the assortment of 108 party enhancers will be used to elevate the fun and keep your guests on the dance floor until you bid them farewell to head off to your honeymoon.

108 Party Enhancers include:

  • 6 feathered boas
  • 6 retro shades
  • 24 glow bracelets
  • 6 maracas
  • 6 fedora hats
  • 6 wraparound shades
  • 48 leis
  • 1 set YMCA hats (set 6)

Thank you to all our previous clients for making us the most award-winning wedding studio in the country.

Enter to Win a Masterpiece Package

  • Award-winning services worth over $5,000!

  • Includes Masterpiece Photography, Video and DJ packages

  • Have a chance to win EVERY drawing until your wedding


Complete Simplicity Package

DJ, Video, and Photo for only $2,495!

  • 4-Hour DJ Service

  • 8-Hour Video Service with raw footage

  • 8-Hour Photo coverage + negatives


Photography, Video, and DJ
Bridal Showcase

Meet the Pros Professionals in-person!

  • Meet photographers and videographers

  • Choose your DJ from a LIVE performance



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Introducing our owners - The Tessler Family
Dennis- Chairman of the Board Continuing in his family's proud 3-generation tradition of opening successful family-operated businesses, Dennis purchased The Pros in 1991, at the time a small DJ business in Philadelphia.
Keith- Co-President & COO Keith joined his father in the wedding industry in the late 1990s, bringing with him his knack for IT to create our systems and head up our operations team.
Brian- Co-President & CMO The youngest of the Tessler brood, Brian came on board after business school full of fresh ideas and an innate sense of how to better market The Pros' message to the nation's brides and grooms. Read More...

Established in 1978 as one of the first mobile disc jockey companies, our regional growth was driven by our reputation for professionalism in every aspect of our service. In 1991, we began offering photography as the first company to give the negatives and copyrights to our brides.

Over the past 25 years our experienced talent managers have recruited the finest award-winning professionals and we have brought many processes in-house, including operating our own design studio, video studio, album binding and our own Kodak photography lab. The result is award-winning artistry, enhanced personalization, and value that, even we, may have thought impossible only 5 years ago.

Today we are proud to elevate brides' expectations in over 50 markets nationwide. And yet, we remain a family business. Read More...

The Pros team is made of Wedding Advisors, Directors, Designers and Developers and we always look to promote from within the company. The result is a perfectly orchestrated and dedicated team of career professionals who have been with The Pros an average of 15 years. We are made up of families, father and sons, husbands and wives (several who met at The Pros) and true lifelong friends.
Our Professionals are selected through a lengthy screening process, including references, portfolios, work, interviews and auditions. Though time consuming, as a result our network comprises the finest photographers, videographers and disc jockeys in the country. We retain them by enabling each professional to focus on their passion. The average current professional has been working with The Pros for over 7 years. Our service and artistry will exceed your expectations. Read More...



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